Does Fishing Rod Length Really Matter To Ultralight Bass Fishing

By Zyna Sahmine

I get asked this quite a bit actually. How does rod length really effect casting distance, and specifically ultralight bass fishing? I don't always have an answer, it depends on the time of the day really. But there are a few key items you should think about when you are on the market for a new rod.

Some fishermen argue that having a rod in the shorter ranges, say 4'6", or 5'0" lineup, allow you to toss your lures a farther distance. This is something that shows to me, that these fishermen haven't used a long rod in ultralight fishing before.

The shorter fishing rods are great for fishing in areas that are heavily covered by overhanging trees, or other debris that you could easily get your lures into. The short fishing rod provides great accuracy once you practice enough with it, to get the hang of it. Shorter rods do decrease your casting distance however, as they will throw a bait the shortest distance out of all of the rods.

Ultralight fishing rods in the lengths of 5 1/2 foot to 6 foot are found in the middle when thinking about balance. The tip still allows good casting distance, while the backbone gives plenty of strength for fighting the fish.

You don't sacrifice much accuracy with this length, you can still use it as a light action flipping stick, or pitching stick for 1/4oz jigs in tight places. This is a technique for smaller fish on ultralight gear however, use bigger gear for the bigger fish locked into the muck!

This length of rod is considered general use, and most people can get by using a 6 footer. They still give you good accuracy, and lure placement, but you must practice a little longer to achieve the same accuracy that you would with a 4 1/2 footer. The difference is minor, but it does take some adjusting.

Rods that are 6'5" or longer are great for long casting distance in open areas. If it is windy outside, you best grab the long rod, with a topwater on it, and sling that joker as far as you can. You can get the small baits flying so good, that they almost go out of sight!

Since we talk about distance, we have to talk about accuracy. These rods major downfall is casting accuracy, but when you can unload a 100 yard spool, how accurate can you really be? - 31509

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Heres Why So Many Fishing Kayaks Are Sold Every Month

By Jozhua Simorea

It is no hidden fact, that more and more people are buying fishing kayaks every day. Now, especially in this recession, a lot more people are resorting to kayaks as a way to get on the water. They finally seem to realize that the big rig 60 mph boats are not needed to catch more fish. More often than not, you catch a lot more fish out of kayaks than you do the big rig boats.

Fishing kayaks allow you to sneak and creep through the water, without being noticed by fish. You are also able to draft incredibly shallow, so you can even get back through the muck that the big boat guys are afraid of. We used to do it on our bass rig, but we had to wade fish the shore to get anything done.

One thing fishing kayaks high sales have going for them is the fact that you can sneak up onto your target. Wading along the bank is fine and dandy, as the fish that are spawning will hardly ever abandon their nest for anything. Fishing from a kayak allows you to spot these fish from a greater distance, and then sneak up onto them to make the perfect cast.

Another reason people are picking up so many fishing kayaks these days, is because of how easy it is to stow a kayak. With more than 3 or 4 kayaks you can easily store them upside down, tied to the ceiling in the garage. When was the last time you saw a boat you could do that with?

I have more than a few kayaks, and my fiance hates the fact that kayaks are easy to store. She thinks that I just don't need that many kayaks, but seriously, different styles of fishing require different setups. Fishing kayaks do force people to know exactly what lures and line setups to bring on the boat for the day, because you can't carry every setup you have with you.

The gas bills always come into play when owning a big boat. Some weekends, I have blown through $1000 worth of gas, just taking the family out for the weekend. Now that I have sold my boat, it almost upsets me to think about the money we had invested in it.

It is super expensive running big boats in todays economy, in other words. When gas was approaching $5 dollars a gallon, you can't imagine how much we spent on just a weekend in fuel. Trolling motors were useless after an hour.

In todays economy, times are extremely tough on people. They are finally figuring out that kayaks will bring you in touch with the outdoors, and you don't have to be rich to get into it. You can pick up a lightly used fishing kayak for cheap, put a few modifications on it, and resell it for the same price or more later when you are ready to get a nicer kayak. - 31509

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Fishing Videos, Books, Apparel (Shirts, Hats, Watches)- An Easy Guide

By Stefa Gnfnif

There are many things in the market to help you, things like Fishing Videos, Books, Apparel(Shirts, Hat, Watches), to put you on the right path. Being an angler is probably the most rewarding sport one can do. It is not only relaxing, but gives one a sense of achievement when you get it right. Of course, there are hundreds of ways to fish. Your goal would be to find your own style and adapt here and there.

It's really not wise just to buy a rod and some bait and storm to the nearest river or beach and try your luck. You will waste time and after while you will loose interest because you are not successful in catching fish.

Try to source the best on the market; ones that actually show you how the fish is being caught with clear and detailed commentary. It is detail you are after, like for instance what exactly to do when you actually have caught a fish. Quality videos are made by experts in their fields and who understand that you will need lots of practical tips and tricks of the trade. So unless you have someone who can stand next to you on a boat or in a river, to guide you through the process, a fishing video can be a great substitute.

Here you need to ask yourself if it's just entertainment you are looking for. If that's the case then I'm afraid you are not going to learn anything. It is good instructional videos that you must find. These videos will give you step by step instructions on how to do almost anything when it comes to fishing. They love their sport and will gladly part with their knowledge. If you have someone who is already a good angler, then let them watch it with you. This way you get good feed back.

Read, read and read again:

Its useful to source the most popular books available. If you go for an obscure author, you might get the wrong instructions. Remember you want as much detail as possible. Look at the book; is it just a pictorial, in which case you wouldn't benefit at all. Does it have illustrations as well as good content? It's also useful to find books that will give you all the fishing terms you need. You don't want to get caught stammering along not knowing what type of bait you put on a hook or what to say when you are about to cast your fly in the water.

Online books are another great way to get information about fly fishing. There are many e-books available for download. Look for the ones that will fit your needs. If you're a beginner, you may want a comprehensive guide to all aspects of fly fishing. If you're more experienced, an update book may be the way to go. Also, look at the credentials of the author. What experience do they have? Can they give you factually correct information?

You need to look the part when fishing:

Make sure your clothes fit loose enough for you to turn in, especially when you have to lift up your arms to cast off. Get well fitted boots that will provide protection from cold water. Don't forget to buy a durable rain coat. You don't want to get caught out in the rain just when you hook a fish.

So, make the most the Fishing Videos, Books, Apparel (Shirts, Hats, Watches) that are available to you because who knows, you might be the next great fishing legend. - 31509

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