The Nature Of Night Fishing

By Gerard Lito

Night fishing is one of the most popular past times for many people around the world. This is not surprising since it can be a fun activity while rewarding at the same time. Many fishing enthusiasts often wait for dusk to fall to begin their expeditions as it often signals the arrival of bigger catches due to nocturnal activities of the fish.

Some of the preferred catches prefer to hibernate in the day before waking up to feed at night. Freshwater species are one such type and they can make the rivers and lakes come alive when night approaches. They know that they will likely get bigger and better prey in darkness since their targets will not see them until it becomes too late.

When these fish emerge to feed, this is when night fishing will bring the best results. The only drawback is having to know exactly when such activity will begin, which is up to the whims and fancies of the underwater creatures. Fisherman are known to say that the wait should never be the problem, as the catch often makes it all worthwhile.

Not all fishing spots will see such types of catch though. There are many lakes and rivers which will never see much activity after night fall. Those are the ones where one would never venture to fish at night, since most of the action will be restricted to the day.

If you are looking for species that can be caught both night and day, there are definitely some. Bass fish is one of the most popular species that can be caught either in the day or at night, depending on the climate that the fishing spot is based in. If the area is much warmer in the day, bass prefer to come out only at night and thus fishing during that time will provide better results than doing the same under the heat of the sun.

This hobby is also possible within a group or as an individual. It is thought that many who fish do so alone, especially those at night, since the mere mention of the word seems to stoke imaginations of a loner under the cover of darkness. However, it is common to find people going together in numbers to revel in the camaraderie and enjoy themselves.

Fishing spots which consistently provide good hauls will often be teeming with crowds. It is no surprise since not many would want to spend hours and then go back with nothing to show for it. This is the same phenomenon with spots that are popular at night even though you might think most would stay away. Lest it be an intimidating scenario, fear not and just enjoy the activity for what it is - catching fish, and not a competition.

As the activity is carried under darkness most of the time, it is absolutely necessary to observe safety precautions. With most fishing enthusiasts preferring to keep lighting at a minimum or not at all, it is best to start fishing at night with a few friends or regulars first. Once more experience has been gained, it can be just as fun night fishing on your own. - 31509

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The Thrilling Fresh Water Fishing: The Basics You Need To Know

By Nathan Henry

Have you had the chance to fish in freshwater? While some find it to be a faraway relation with other types of fishing, it is still among the best solutions to spend your time. You will find hundreds of lakes around that you could be enjoying virtually any time that you would want to. To find out more about this, check out your options here.

Freshwater fishing is conducted in lakes, rivers and streams which have minute quantities of dissolved salts. Fresh water sources are precipitation or perhaps melting ice and snow. There are many fresh water fish species, but some of the most important types are bass, catfish, pickerel, pike sunfish, trout, salmon, muskellunge, sturgeon and also walleye.

Gear for Freshwater Fishing

What you will need for basic freshwater fishing gear includes a fishing rod and also fishing reel, fishing line between 4 and 10 pound-test, various fishing weights, various hooks (sizes 6 to 10), floats, bait and also in most destinations, a fishing permit or license. There are a variety of both live and also man-made baits that actually work nicely for freshwater fishing.

Bait You will need

Live bait can be useful for fresh water fishing. Freshwater fish feast on a variety of prey, including earthworms, insects, insect larvae, frogs, minnows, chub, shad, crayfish and small fish species like smelt. Freshwater fishing bait for example earthworms, crayfish, frogs, minnows, chubs as well as shads could be captured in its normal habitat. Look around piers as well as in shallow water. Fresh water bait can also be bought from your local bait and tackle shop.

Synthetic bait is manmade bait which draws in fish to bite or strike. It consists of plastic worms, insects, flies, small jigs, lures, spoons, streamers, flies, spinners and more. Synthetic bait can be bought at fishing tackle and bait stores as well as online. Some anglers would rather get the materials for these kinds of baits and make their very own.

There are a wide variety of ready baits that you could use for freshwater fishing. These include kernel corn, bread balls, cheese balls, egg bags, liver, cereal balls, chicken entrails. Here's merely a short list of some freshwater fish as well as the the lure which attracts them.

Catfish: earthworms, liver, chicken entrails, hotdogs, frogs, tadpoles, crayfish as well as the majority of lures. At times you can even capture these on shiny hooks that have no bait.

Pike: earthworms, frogs, minnows, shad, all sorts of little fish species, crayfish, chub, spinners, spoons and also egg sacs.

Bass: earthworms, insects, insect larvae, frogs, minnows, crayfish, spoons, Mepps, spinners, artificial worms, jigs, streamers and also spinners.

Salmon: flies, spinners, spoons, egg sacs, shrimp and also large plugs.

Sunfish: earthworms, bread balls, kernel corn, insects as well as insect larvae, as well as small, shiny lures.

Pickerel: earthworms, insects, insect larvae, frogs, minnows, crayfish, spoons and also Mepps, spinners, artificial worms, jigs, spinners as well as streamers.

Walleye: shad, frogs, real or artificial minnows, worms, maggots, spinners, spoons, jigs, plugs and also small fish species.

Trout: earthworms, flies, insects, insect larvae, kernel corn, egg sacs, crayfish as well as minnows.

Muskellunge: small fish species, frogs, Mepps, spinners, jigs, minnows, plastic trailers as well as rapalas.

Sturgeon: frogs, freshwater clams, lamprey, eels, smelt, salmon eggs, shad, shrimp, egg sacs, yarn flies, brilliantly colored and also silver lures.

Go ahead and try it out. If you'd like to learn more about this kind of fishing, you should talk to somebody that's a professional which could explain to you just what you need to do, where to go as well as what to utilize to be successful at fresh water fishing. - 31509

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