Bass Fishing Florida Everglades - The Breakdown

By John Collinburg

The majority of anglers agree that bass fishing in the Everglades is a unique and captivating experience. Many people visit this unique environment expecting the stereotypical swamplands of old black and white movies; what they find is one of the countrys most amazing natural formations.

The Florida Everglades is home to a few handfuls of endangered species, along with over 1,000 species of fish, and many landforms that you will not see anywhere else. Not only that, the Florida Everglades is home to some of the most lively largemouth bass anywhere, one of the reasons the Everglades is preferred by a bass angler.

If you are planning a bass fishing trip to the everglades and have never been before, it might be wise to get a guide. You have to realize that the Everglades is over 1 million acres, and about 2,500 miles of canals.

You will also have to take into consideration, that if you choose to get a guide you will not have to purchase a freshwater fishing license, you can just use the guides commercial license. On top of that you are almost guaranteed to hook up with what ever kind of bass you are looking for, as fishing guides find fish for people every day for a living. Plus a Florida fishing license for someone that is out of state can be a bit pricey.

When you are on the water, even the novice fisher will find that casting a line generally results in hits not just from trophy size largemouth but from feisty peacock bass as well. Largemouth bass over fifteen inches long and weighing in at more than five pounds are not uncommon in Everglade waters. Anglers who like a good fight will get it from the largemouths smaller but hard scrabble peacock cousin.

Although the park robustly encourages catch and release an enthusiastic angler wont go home without a memento of the visit. Remember all a taxidermist needs to provide a conversation piece wall hanging are the dimensions of the fish and a good picture. Do the Everglades a favor, handle that bass with care and don't take more than a fair share.

Also be careful of the extreme temperatures which can decrease the pleasure and lower the productivity of any bass fishing in the Everglades. Consider early morning and dusk fishing when the waters are cooler, more oxygenated and livelier. Be sure to dress for a day in the sun fishing: Light weight shorts, vented shirts, billed caps, polarized sunglasses and lots of sunscreen are essential. - 31509

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